Dwell Style Interiors will meet with the owners at their furnished property and make expert and thorough recommendations as we go through the entire areas, both inside and out.  This process can take 1 to 4 hours depending on the size of the property. We will provide suggestions and staging recommendations in order to maximize the house's best features so that the property is eligible to compete with other houses on the market in the area.  Homeowners have the option to make the changes themselves or allow Dwell Style Interiors to provide either a Photo Prep session to tweak things or to provide the full staging service. 


Dwell Style Interiors will depersonalize "the home" so it becomes "the house" ready for the market and to compete with the other houses on the market by giving it a "model home" appearance. We will use the homeowner's furniture and accessories and, if needed, will go shopping (additional service) with homeowner to purchase any needed items such as fresh bed linens, etc.  Other accessories, such as art, can be provided by the option of renting them from Dwell Style Interiors.


Dwell Style Interiors will present your vacant home as a "model home" appearance in order to compete with the others on the market. By using furniture and accessories inventory, the finished product will be staged to look spectacular!                                    

Buyers can't visualize how their furniture will fit without something to compare to! 

Call for various packages offered.


Dwell Style Interiors will work with your style, taste and budget in your existing home and/or in your newly purchased home to create a home refresh and new look by using your furniture/accessories or we shop for new. We will help you with furniture/accessory choice and placement and color consulting. We will give you a customized, detailed design plan that meets your lifestyle and home dream and then execute this plan to create a wow factor in your lovely home.

Call for various packages offered.


Dwell Style Interiors will help you sort, purge and donate items. Then we pack your collectibles and china when you are moving. We also will organize your pantry and closets in the home that you are either selling or remaining in.  There is a place for everything and everything has its place with the help of Dwell Style Interiors organizing service!


On a budget and having trouble planning your home layout or design?


Dwell Style Interiors can help you without stepping foot in your home.  By sending photos of your spaces and using live video across the nation, we can look at the areas in your home and offer tips to help redesign your home. Contact us today!


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